The Indifferent Universe: Reissued

The Indifferent Universe, our debut album, has been reissued with an updated 2011 version. What’s new?

  1. A new sequence
  2. Folding “transitional tracks” (sound pastiches) into the main song tracks
  3. Better seperation between songs so they don’t bleed into each other
  4. Remaster of “The Spirits on The Shelf” – now sounds less compressed, has original ending that doesn’t bleed into the next track.

The result is a more spacey, slower-paced, contemplative feel to the record, and a much more straightforward tracklist without the weird little mini-tracks that people were paying $0.99 cents (USD) for.

Pick up the reissue directly from us, right here:

For other options, including the ability to buy the album via text message, or use the streaming/download/CD-ordering service of your choice, head on over to the store!

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