We’re back online!

We’ll find more awesome content to fill things out soon. For now, welcome us back to the internet by, I dunno, liking us on Facebook, or something.

2 Comments on “We’re back online!”

  1. ms(thr) says:

    will there be a vinyl pressing? was there of the first issue , even?

    cheers… longtime fan
    (still dont see how youve managed to stay so obscure this whole time 😉 much talent

    • johnterrene says:

      Hi ms(thr)! How I wish there was demand for such a thing, but given what there is, pressing vinyl would be quite the vanity move, plus it would take what little money we have saved up and make it harder to put out NEW music, which is more of a priority. That’s so nice that you’re a longtime fan and would consider such a purchase. I love the vinyl + mp3 model myself. 🙂 Thanks for the kind words, man. Cheers.

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