The Indifferent Universe

Terrene’s debut album, originally released in 2007, now with an updated 2011 version!

Option 1: Buy this directly from us, as a compact disc or direct download

Option 2: Buy “The Indifferent Universe” by sending a text to 80818

You can choose whether you want receive instructions to download it later to your computer, or download it straight to your phone by adding the character “m” at the end of the text.

A usage example: to download “Andromeda,” and download it directly to your phone,  text “track 8105 m” to 80818.  Here is the full list of codes:

Andromeda – track 8105
Makr – track 8106
What We’ll Never Be – track 8107
Stereo! – track 8108
Media Sift (Through Heart Rises) – track 8109
Unwelcome – track 8110
Fifty-One – track 8111
Fixed Up – track 8112
The Spirits On The Shelf – track 8113
Mermaid (Lost At Sea) – track 8114

Please note that Direct to Mobile downloads require WAP support to work. Most phones support WAP, but there are some notable exceptions. For instance, the Apple iPhone does not support WAP. Some networks do not support WAP either. However, if a user is on a network or handset that does not support WAP, and attempts a Direct to Mobile download, they will not be charged.

Each track costs £1. Mobile downloads may incur additional charges. Users are advised to check with their operator.

Option 3: Buy “The Indifferent Universe” at your fave retailer where you can get the best deal/greatest convenience.

You can special order it at any record store, or use these links:

iTunes / Amazon (CD) / Amazon (Digital) / eMusic / CDBaby / Zune / Rhapsody / Spotify / and more! (Search your music service of choice, we’re probably on it)

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